Valentines Day!

What a lovely day right? Now, really i have never been one to hate Valentines Day... and this year was no different. My roommates and i threw a little fondu slash sugar cookie party at our house on saturday night.. and we had quite the turn out!
50 homemade sugar cookies: Gone.
2 large containers of strawberries: Gone.
Big Bag of marshmellows: Gone.
two big bundles of bananas: Gone.
10 cut up apples: Gone.
bag of recess cups: Gone.
3 2-liter soda bottles: Gone.
Successful night i would say! it was so fun.. but i forgot to take pictures cuz i am just so smart like that.

Now the 'actual' Valentines Day wasn't too shabby either.. It worked out perfectly. Ben emails on Monday mornings, but because of the time change, i receive the emails late sunday night. So, on Valentines Day i got one of the best emails. He sent me the cutest poem ever.. that he wrote? Yeah i guess going on a mission makes you suddenly a poet? Seriously it was the cutest thing ever and talked about our first date that we went on two years ago. He attached some pictures he had taken for me..

Hahha what a little nerd.. but i love it

and i was even lucky enough that he also attached a short little video clip of himself talking into the camera. haha it was so dang funny and i loved it! I know i am probably the biggest dork out there... but any time he sends pictures.. it seriously makes my day!

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