Spring Break

This past week was Spring Break! wahoo!! i decided that i was going to save my money for Africa, so instead of going somewhere super fun i just went up home. Honestly i couldn't have asked for a better more relaxing Spring Break! Just some fun things that occurred..

*I went to a cabin in Midway with my roommate Stephanie and her cute friend Brooke.
*Went to some way sweet hot pots in Heber
*Caught up with my dear friend Tanner Langston
*Went to Jamba with Chan and T.J
*Visited the girls at Utah State
*Got some Hot choco with recent r.m. Ryan Barlow
*Attended my very first Utah State Basketball game.. CRRRAZY!
*Met Ben's parents for dinner at Geckos-delicious! and so fun catching up.
*Went shopping with my mother and got some very great deals! 2 pairs of shoes! wahoo!!
*Totally dominated my little brother in Just Dance on the Wii
*got totally demolished by my mother at Just Dance-she really is an amazing dancer with incredible beat. no lie.
* Went on a double date with a kid i met on New Years-way fun.
*Had a girls day with Brooke, Karlan, mi mother, and myself.
*Found myself a summer job- back at the LC.
*visited the Lichties- Ava and Noah are getting so big!
*Went to Jump On It for the first time with some buds! ahh Loveee that place!

I had so much fun going up to Logan and visiting the girls up at Utah State. WoW! what a fun weekend that was!

All the girls at dinner at Cafe Sabor in Logan.

Me and Hay Dut at the USU basketball game.

I was even decked out in my Utah State BLUE! ahh

K so they handed out these posters of the graduating Seniors face.. Creepy? definitely.

hahahha so funny! i love it so much!

The rest of the week was kind of a blur.. but really it was a great Spring Break! It was weird though.. cuz i missed St. George so much and my friends down there.. i am SOO glad to be back!
Bring on the HEAT!!!

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