Wednesday greatness

Today included activities such as:

My boss giving Hilary his sunglasses because the sun was blinding her through the windows. Which, naturally was sort of awkward cuz she then felt obligated to wear them...hilarious.

Celebrated a birthday and an employee leaving on a lunches at work today..Primeeee

Writing 3:4 papers due tomorrow. Only one left.. Which will be done around the 7 a.m hour tomorrow morning. Yay!

Reading all about love during my shift at the LC. Did you know there are 5 love languages? Way interesting stuff.

Anddd I officially decided that I hate autocorrect. Really..wag? I meant way ya dumb iPod!

Plus I laughed out loud at the mere thought of my teammate throwing the ball in underhand last night in my soccer game. Wayyy too funny for words to even express. Welcome to an all new low Haley Hansen.

How was your Wednesday?


  1. I saw your comment on my blog and immediately the stalking began. I totally am diggin' what I see. I love your enthusiasm towards life and by your list of loves, we have a hecka lot in common, which means, you got a new reader and follower over here!! thanks for the comment and connecting us!

  2. Haley the five love languages is one of the best books in the world! I recommend it to all my friends who are thinking of getting married or married!


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