Tay Tay

I absolutely love tay swift. She will forever be my favorite.. along with Johnny boy Mayer. The concert was incredible... Quite unbelievable to even try to explain. I walked away one happy girl that night and officially say it was the best birthday present everrr. Thank you daddy! Let me say.. tay is an amazing performer.. she played the piano, ukulele, guitar, bass, and wrote all her songs. so awesome. Her rendition of Fearless on the uke made my heart happy.

She sang a song i have never heard before.. it is my new favorite and explains exactly my life right now. so have a listen.. it's a definite ear pleaser.

Life makes love look hard....

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  1. looove taylor swift. you lucky duck. :)
    p.s. giveaway! southernpinky.blogspot.com


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