even though...

Ya know... today has been an awesome day so far. I know it's only 2:00 in the afternoon and things could still happen that would change my great mood. But i wont let them!

Even though i woke up to a text that said "snow"... and i obviously refused to get out of bed for another 20 minutes, somehow everything went perfectly while i was getting ready in a hurry.

Even though i had twenty minutes to get ready somehow I managed to coordinate a cute outfit. I am loving my brown boots, dark denim jeans, white long 'dressier' shirt that goes mid-thigh in length, a royal blue long sleeve cardigan, and a side braid that ends in a side ponytail. Somehow, it looks decent. Add the cute white pea coat and i am set.

Even though i left my house a little bit late, and i made the executive decision to stop at Reams and buy an umbrella, i still somehow made it to class on time.

Even though it was raining/snowing miserably on my walk to class... my executive decision to buy an umbrella definitely paid off.

Even though my class was brutally boring, my teacher, who has a heavy Korean accent, made me laugh when she said Firth. i was obviously confused and it finally clicked that she was trying to say "first". Or how about the time that she said "eckjauted... oh you mean exhausted? ..made my day.

Even though the class started filling up with smoke, and my teacher kept pretending like nothing out of the ordinary was occurring, my buddies and i filling the last three rows got some good entertainment out of her facial expressions when she realized the class was 'foggy'.

Even though i didn't really prepare for my big group presentation, somehow my professor loved it! and we totally aced it.

Even though i didnt have time to study for my final in my night class, miraculously my class before got cancelled... which is why i am in the library blogging instead of studying. So... time to study!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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  1. You're right; it sounds like a great day! Good luck studying for your final!

    ~ Angela


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