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Product review day... just throwing something different out onto my blog. Obviously i am no expert.. but i loveeee these products!

Essie: Power clutch. $7-8 at Ulta
Essie Power Clutch
I am absolutely obsessed with this color. It is the perfect neutral. I am one who loves black nail polish, but sometimes it makes me feel goth. Soo instead i opted for a little lighter gray shade.. and let me tell you i am in love. It is the perfect fall color, and yet it is light enough that i know come spring time it will still be in style.

I love essie nail polish in general. Ever since i bought my first color--Turquoise and Caicos-- i vowed to never go back to any other brand. i am sure all you OPI lovers out there want to shoot me.. but sorry! i have tried that stuff too, and personally essie is a lot more smooth and easier to apply. And it dries reasonably quick. I hate painting my nails because i am way too impatient to sit and wait while the polish dries. Usually i end up with smudged and chipped nails before i even get to show off my new color! All because i just suck at waiting.. and sometimes i apply too much polish. Which is why i went on a limb.. i bought this stuff today:

Essie Good to Go--- $10 at Ulta
Essie Nail Polish Wicked 249

In the words of Essie it is "the fastest drying top coat". I will admit i am a little skeptical when it comes to things like this--especially for the price. But i am in complete shock at this stuff! it seriously dried my nail polish about 19284921804 times faster than normal, and it gave a little extra shine. Just as it says on the box.. it dries nail polish almost instantly.. and truly it does! I will neverrrr paint my nails again with out this stuff. I am already typing on my computer.. and yup i painted my nails like 3 minutes ago.. Whooot woot!

Tarte: Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer $36 at Ulta
smooth operator tinted moisturizer oil-free tinted moisturizer with SPF 20
This summer my face was super dry because i was on dumb medication that dried out my skin.. this product came to my rescue. Moving into the colder months means the same thing! 36 bucks i will be honest.. i am not a huge one for spending.. but this is a life saver. Moisturizers are tricky because everyone's skin is different. And trust me, i use to have the most oily skin around. But this moisturizer is seriously perfect--not too oily, and not too dry. Plus the extra tint gives you enough coverage that you can go out with just the moisturizer on. It gives your skin a nice evened out look with out appearing to have your make up 'chalked on'. I like to use this as my moisturizer after i wash my face, and then i use a little bit of Bare Minerals powder to even out the oils. Sometimes i think that Bare Minerals doesn't stay on for very long.. but i have noticed that the two combined create a perfect mixture.. the Tarte moisturizer makes the Bare Minerals powder stick to your skin for longer. It is light weight and most of the time i can hardly tell i am wearing any make up. Try this combo.. its a must!

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser... about $8 in grocery stores

I have never been known for my beautiful skin. Quite honestly, i have struggled with acne and any other type of skin disorder out there.. you name it, i've had it. My skin is uber sensitive, but at the same time i need something strong enough to keep my skin clear. This cleanser has been the only one that has worked wonders for my skin! it is awesome. It cleanses, but doesn't leave my face too dry. So if you are trying to find a good facial cleanser.. try this one out. My dermatologist (yes i see a dermatologist regularly.. i'm not even embarrassed cuz she is awesome)..anyway.. she recommended it to me years ago and i have been using it ever since.  Make the cetaphil switch! you wont regret it!

I know i am no beauty expert.. and quite seriously i have never been one of those girls who knows all about fashion: whats in vs whats not, what hair color is popular, and all that other jazz. I am one who knows more about the World Series, NBA championship, or College Bowl games, than any of this other prissy good stuff. But i do know what has worked for me. And if you are like me in any way i hope these recommendations helped you out! 

What are your favorite beauty supplies, brands, or products? 


  1. i used to have suuuuch good skin then one day it decided to go all middle school on me so i started using cetaphil. that stuff really does work wonders. although i think i should go see a dermatoligist because i can't handle the zit face i've become.

  2. Haley I never would have guessed that you had skin issues, you must have had a good doctor, mine was terrible I loved the cetaphil when I switched to it though I am also a big fan of the skin products made by Burts Bees, its been the best stuff for me.

  3. Ooooo I love that nail polish color!

    ~ Angela

  4. That nail polish is to die for . . . and I really can't live without the face wash . . . I live by it!


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