Top 10 Ear Pleasers of the moment...

.... my style of music? pretty much anything and everything.. as you can see here :)

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Maroon 5... hard to pick just one song. -this stupid playlist only had this one.. so look up "i can't lie" it's a longtime fav of mine.
Everything..Obviously a classic Ingrid song. But who doesn't need a Happy-go-lucky song every once in awhile?
I love love loveee mat kearney. His new stuff is incredible.
And tay.. well you already know i adore her.
Kiss me slowly? parachute.. another longtime favorite.
Hide and Seek.. I have heard this song before.. but it is a new obsession of mine.
Now.. who doesnt love ADELE?
Augustana is my secret love addiction. On particular days.. i craveeee their music. Weird i know.
I am slightly embarrassed that i love blasting this song and screaming the words.. Are you gonna kiss me or not??
And.. our lovely Passion Pit.. Who doesn't just love a little sleepy head?

As you can tell my music genre is all over the place.. especially lately! But i love music suggestions.. so who's got some for me?


  1. mmmmm.....i love me some imogen and passion pit. all day.

  2. passion pit is bomb. did you know they were being considered for the redfest concert up at the u? but in the end the idiots in charge went with cobra starship. wish they had picked passion pit.

  3. KY! are you kiddin me?!!!!! i totally would have gone if it were Passion Pit.. i feel like they would have had a much better crowd if that would have been the case. BUMMER!!!!!


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