She's just too great not to blog about

I am sure you get sick of hearing about the amazing people in my life. But really it's true.. i am surrounded by the absolute best. This post is going to talk about my dear old roomie Whitley. 
Aneeeewayyyy. This last saturday was her 22nd birthday. I hadnt seen her since July practically so i headed down saturday afternoon to visit. She had a game (yeah she is a champ.. stickin with college soccer for all four years unlike someone i know).. and what a better time to watch her play than on her birthday right? I was running a little late, as usual, when i got a text from Am saying "Whit just got hurt." I responded promptly with a "shut up that's not funny." ...when the response came my heart dropped "no it's not a joke.. it looks BAD." Immediately all sorts of swear words go flying through my mind.. and within the next ten minutes i pulled up to the field. One thing is for sure.. Whit doesn't get hurt. I dont think i have ever seen whit get taken off the field because of an injury. i mean, she is one tough cookie....and she neverrr gives up. It must be baddd. 
Sure enough when i got there whit was on the sideline getting help from the trainers. Through out the rest of the game i could tell she was in pain. Yet, sure enough, there she was laughing and joking with her teammates. After the game, the diagnosis didn't look great. A partial tear in her LCL. (knee ligament) but the trainers needed her to see a doctor on Monday for a more positive diagnosis.
I headed to the doctor with her.. and after a bunch of tests, the doctor ruled out the LCL. The only thing left that it could be was the ACL. Those three letters are the absolute worst diagnosis any athlete could ever hear. She went in for an MRI less than 30 minutes later, and we were left to wait. The results wouldn't come until the morning. 

Sure enough later that night i was out running errands, when i got a phone call from Ammon. He let me know that i should probably head back to Whit's and maybe prepare myself a little before getting there. He had just talked to whit and was heading over to give her a blessing. Well long story short, the diagnosis came back earlier than normal... a torn ACL and partially torn MCL. Am gave her a beautiful blessing, and shortly after whit, min, and i, were left to talk/cry it out.
Although moments like this are some of the hardest in life, i value conversations like the one we had so much. It is in times of trial that we get to see people's real character come through. And, it is in times like these that i realize i am surrounded by the best. Obviously the circumstance is devastating: Senior year of soccer, team captain, 4 year starter, regional honors, and everything is over with one badly planted foot. Watching whit handle the situation has taught me so much. I value her example more than anything. She was left to make a really difficult decision concerning the upcoming 10 day trip to hawaii. I was amazed at her surety in the Lord's plan for her, and the absolute need to be honest with her teammates and coach. She wasn't afraid of the consequences because she knew that if she told the truth whatever was supposed to happen would. What faith right? 

I am so sad for whitley, but i am just as impressed by her. Her example that day really taught me so much about what's important in life. Putting trust in the Lord and his plan is hard, but if we follow his example we will be blessed. I love whit so much and i am sure the road ahead will not be easy, but i know she will face it strongly. I am grateful for her steadfastness-- even in the worst of situations.
Happy Birthday to the newest and greatest 22 year old around! i love your guts and am jealous you are in Hawaii! :)

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  1. thank goodness for great friends. we have all been so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives. one of which is you hay!


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