Goin on a limb

i have been thinking a lot lately. Ya know what bugs? and with out a doubt everyyyone does it? myself included? well...this is going to take a lot of explaining. 

Why does everyone always have an opinion about who should date who, who goes well together, who absolutely should not date, and who one should marry..etc? It drives me crazyyyy. People do it all the time. "like what is she doing..?".... "He isnt good for her..."....."They are perfect together why did he end it?"..."oh my gosh she totally should date that other guy"...."you guys are like the perfect couple"... "why would you do that?".... blah blah blah. I am so sick of it. I know i have done it before too everyone is guilty. But now that i am on the other side of the criticism it hits all too close to home. I get that people want me to be happy. I get that people will always have an opinion of what is best for me. I get that. i get it all. What i dont get is why.. if.. [ultimately] people want me to be happy.. then why are they sooo critical? It's not their life. Who i date, hang out with, or marry, will not directly affect anyone besides myself and my future family. That alone is enough pressure right? 

I know i am guilty too. everyone is in one way or another. No one ever knows what someone else's relationship is like. Only two people are involved in those relationships.. and in the end those two people are who matter most. Are they happy? Are they good for each other? We can assume, and have our opinions, but in the end we should put all our efforts toward supporting them. Go along with them on the ride of  new, fun, relationships. Life is about learning and improving. We can all learn and improve from our friends and their experiences. 

i vow to change. i will judge less, be less opinionated on friends choices, and support them in their challenges. We can all improve, and we need to improve.  Because in the end.. all we will have left are the relationships we have built. So scrutinize less, be slower to judge, and be quicker to lend a supporting hand.

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  1. thank you for this hay. too often i find myself thinking that some people deserve better. i have this awful opinion about someone and i need to let it go and move on. i need to be happy for the couple and have faith that it will all work out for the best. and like you said, in the end they are the only two that matter.


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