Yup i will admit it.. i left for the weekend and hardly told a soul. I am happy to be away. I came to one of my favorite locations, and boy is it heaven here. I love having absolutely nothing to do, no where to be, and having some selfish Haley Thinking Time. It is sooo great and refreshing. I am sure if you know me well enough you could easily figure out my whereabouts.... but for now i am leaving that little bit of information undisclosed. I will return soon enough and hopefully i will see some of your bright lovely faces!

Happy Fall Break to all my fellow Utes!!


  1. It's definitely nice to get away for peace and quiet. We all need it every once in a while! Enjoy yourself!

    ~ Angela

  2. you lucky girl you. i would love to be away right now. i'm guessing you're somewhere with much warmer weather and far more sunshine. have fun hay!


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