A Sunday of mixed emotions

Today was the dreaded day.. My sweet 'little' brother Easton had his missionary farewell. I know i didn't do a particularly great job of telling you when he got his mission call.. my goodness that was 5 months ago! He actually opened his call while i was in Africa... and with the miracle of technology i was able to listen in from the middle of the African dessert as he announced he would be serving in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He did an amazing job speaking today, and drew quite the crowd of teenage girls to my house this afternoon. One thing is for sure.. he will be greatly missed and wednesday is going to be roughhhhh. i love my dear brother and am so happy he has a desire to serve the lord!
cute elder Hansen
Today was also a big day in Kali's life. This morning she received her patriarchal blessing! I was so excited she let me share that special moment with her. I know i don't say much about my sweet sister, by let me tell you: She is one amazing girl. She has quite the life ahead of her and i am so proud to call her my sister. Not only is she super freakishly intelligent, but she is nice, caring, funny, and gorgeous along with all those other things. I love her and am grateful for the spiritual experience i got to have with her along with my other siblings and parents this morning.
Daddio. Kali. East. Teag. Chan. Haley. Mom.
It's official. i have the best family around. sometimes life is rough, but my family is a family of strength and encouragement. I love them all dearly and i am excited to see where the future takes us all.


  1. missions, patriarchal blessings, and families...solid triple combination if you ask me.

  2. OH man! Easton was just a baby when I left Sandy! AHHHHH! I'm in love with your family. You guys have been such a strength to me and my peeps up the street. Your mom is such an amazing example of sendin' those boys out into the world on their missions. I just can't believe Easton is old enough to go on a mission! I feel so old!


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