This week school started and along with the new semester we also had RUSH week for Lambda Delta Sigma. I have missed my Omega girls so much and it was so great being with them again! Rush is pretty crazy, but it wasnt nearly as crazy as it was back in the fall when i 'rushed'. We got 9 new pledges this semester compared to the 25 ish pledges we had last semester when i joined.
 We prepared a little skit for the pledges to help 'sway' their decision. Ours was short and sweet and very simple. It must have worked!

Jessica, Haley, Scottie
My girl Heather.. she is a trooper her missionary just left a few weeks ago!
We got our hoodies! I love them and they are so cute and comfy! I am so glad Omega is started back up and i love the fact that i will be busy on wednesday nights from now on! GOOO Omega! :)

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