Take 2

Remember how i said i had some exciting news about Africa? Welp people.. Its official. I am going to Kenya again this June! ahhhh!!!!!!! i am soo excited words cant even express how excited i get when i think about it. This year will be a little different in the fact that i will be an assistant team leader--meaning that i will be helping plan/organize/oversee the whole expedition! So crazy right? i cant even wait. 

My boys Ezra and Evans.
I realize that i completely sucked at telling you guys about my amazing experience that i had last year. I think it is because those experiences that i had are so near and dear to my heart that trying to explain them even somewhat never really seems to give them 'proper credit' if you will. I have said it before.. but i really am going to try and tell my stories with you all though! Posts will be coming and you will LOVE 
them. maybe. :)

Just ignore the HUGE shine spots.. i was sweaty ok?
Oh one more thing. I bet some of you are wondering..(ok maybe not but i have to throw this in).... WHAT ABOUT THE BOY?! He gets home in June? ...You are leaving in June? i know i know. i am a crazy person. i have waited two years for that beloved day when i get to see the lovely Elder Woolf.. and i am leaving for 3 weeks out of the 4 weeks in the month that he is supposed to get home?! Insane. Andddd since i dont know his exact release date there is the possibility that he will get home while i am off doing my thing. But i just know that either way, things will work out how they are supposed to. Of course that would be crappy if i wasn't here when he arrived, but i will be doing amazing things in Kenya and i know Ben will be here when i arrive. :) 
 Plus that will give him time to get out of his 'weird' stage, and then.. HE can pick ME up at the airport! hugs and all! ahhhh thinking about this gets me WAYYYY too excited for june 25. has it really been 19 months?! gahh!
 oh ps.. ben conducted a huge conference last week that ELDER SCOTT spoke at. He sat right next to an apostle and talked with him one on one! That is so crazyyyy! He is happy and doing well. Although he did inform me last week that he misses Carson so much and that he is going to marry him.. sooooo.... Cars hasnt even been home for a month and he is already stealing my boy? what the crap. But i am ok with it cuz lets be honest.. those two boys are two peas in a pod. Literally. okkkk But on a side note.. how cute is this boy really though? :)

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