Yesterday i finally got up the courage to attend a singles ward. I must be crazy right? I went alone even! good thing i had my cute friend Lindsey Canfield meet up with me for second and third hour. I must admit.. i loved it! i am excited to be back in a University ward.. i have missed my Dixie ward and calling! It is pathetic i know but i felt like i was getting into limbo mode. Just kinda floating along, not really improving, not really digressing, just floating. You know the feeling? i am excited to say this singles ward will force me to learn and do things my way instead of just going to each hour of church with my mom and sister. I know am fully responsible again for my sunday church habits and i am excited! It is an absolutely HUGE single's ward, and there are quite a few people i know. I ran into my team leader from Kenya last year.. i was so excited about that. Also i have big news coming about the possibility of another trip to Kenya?... That is a subject for another day! Anyway.....Who knew i would be so excited to head back into a singles ward? not i!

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  1. oh myyy are you in bryndy's ward?! lindsey used to be in that ward when i went with bryn. if so, best singles ward ever hay! i loved it every time i went. it is super huge though. that's so awesome you went alone! brave girl. i could never. singles wards really are the best though! glad you went!


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