Christmas Eve

Wow i have so much to catch up on! Christmas break has treated me so well.. lets talk about christmas eve. Every year we go to my grandma Tuckers house and eat dinner, chat, play games, and open a few Christmas gifts. Oh and we always take the traditional family Christmas photo..
This year it turned out pretty decent if ya ask me! It is always fun to be at grandma and grandpa's, and i was especially grateful to have my grandpa with us this year. After some heart issues this year we realize just how blessed we were to have him still with us. I have the best family!
We got our traditional Christmas pajamas and i LOVED mine. The sweatshirt is my favorite. We always act out the nativity, and seeming that all of us kids are quite grown up it makes for the funniest nativity around! I was the narrator this year and i have to say that was the best job! :) We then went home and exchanged our sibling gifts, Kali got me the cutest pair of runners spandex, and i got chandler a giftcard so he could buy some Ute sweats. It was a fun Christmas eve besides the fact i didnt sleep at all that night cuz i was too worried about sleeping through a certain phonecall! :) but we will talk about that later  :)

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