Confession of an Obsession

Ok here it goes..I feel like i have a slight weird obsession that i have to admit to all my faithful followers haha ...whoever you may be? My dear friend Kylee already knows of this obsession because she too shares the same love. I have been thinking about this doing this post for awhile now and i am finally getting up the nerves to go for it. I just know the suspense is killing you so i will just say it..
I love weddings!

I know creepy.. right? weird? abnormal?? I KNOW PEOPLE. But i have always loved them. Ever since i was little i have loved going to weddings with my parents. Everything from the bride's dress, the centerpieces, the bouquet, the tuxes, the pictures, the food, the wedding video, the colors, the themes---it all completely intrigues me! My favorite part though is observing the newlyweds... the way they look at each other says it all and i absolutely LOVE that. Now now now.. i know what you are thinking.. "haley just really wants to get married!" or "haley just really needs to get married"... both of the above are soo wrong! I am in no hurry to get married, no hurry to plan a wedding, and quite frankly no hurry to have to stress over any of those things, but maybe that is why the obsession is so awesome? because i dont really have to worry about it at all! I love stalking wedding blogs, photographer wedding portfolios, facebook albums, and florist websites.. basically anything to do with weddings. I have two favorites.. The Perfect Palette, and Utah Bride Blog. I could look at these two websites literally ALL day long. Freaky i know. you dont even have to tell me.

The one weird thing about this obsession would think i know exactly what i want for my future wedding(who knows when the crap that will be haha) But.. i can assure you that i definitely do not! Of course i have a TON of ideas in my head of color schemes, flowers, pictures, etc, buut as soon as i think i have a good grasp on something.. the next day it completely changes. haha Does that bother me? ....nope not one bit considering i dont even have a good reason to think about all this stuff right now! Someday i am sure i will know exactly what i want, but for now, i can call this crazy obsession a hobby. I have to admit.. i was semi upset about the 'pantone color of the year' this year. Pantone comes out with the 'wedding color of the year' every year and is very well known to set the color trends for the following year. For example, last years color was the light tiffany blue. Trend? ABSOLUTELY.
 ....This years color? The exact pink that i have always loved. I guess i will be seeing a lot of pink weddings this year! gahhhh!!!!

Although i am upset.. i have to admit my current love is... gray and pink. 

I dont love this pink.. but I LOVE gray. (the perfect palette)
 Pantone Color of the Year
Honeysuckle pink
The rose center piece that fades from white to dark pink.. OBSESSED. (compliments of
Check out the other Pantone colors here:

Call me crazy people.. but i love it..i love everything about it.  And if you dont, i think you can at least admit that you love seeing people in love! It makes the world a happy place right?


  1. you know i'm drooling over here right? okay not really, but you know i'm loving my life reading this, and of course looking at those pictures. weddings are THE BEST.

  2. want to hear something funny? TOTALLY downloaded this pink and gray picture too a little bit ago. i'm so in love with these colors.
    [i'm obsessed with weddings too, no worries.]


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