Well the year 2010 was certainly good to me! I had so many amazing experiences, decisions, memories, and fun times that I will remember forever. Every year i make a year end video of pictures and movies that i have gathered over the past year starting with pics from the previous New Years Eve. This years was so hard to decide what to put in, and what to leave out...ahh depressing! I know it is long, but i promise it will be a good waste of 10 minutes! If you dont know me too well, it might be boring, but there are certainly some great and funny videos that accompany this look back. And plus it is more for my memory and my kids to look at someday!
Take a look, let me know what ya think.

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  1. you better believe i watched that whole movie and loved every second. also i love how you so easily pull of every hair color. too bad that video doesn't have a jump in feature, i definitely wanted to jump in numerous times and live your 2010.


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