Christmas day

Christmas this year was so great. I got a lot of fun and cute gifts...Santa definitely spoiled me. I was especially excited that i got a new camera! My camera that i LOVED had broken like 2 weeks before Christmas and i was ecstatic to see that i had gotten the upgraded version of my old one! It is sweet, 12 mega pixels, 12x zoom, and HD video. Awesome right? I also got some new perfume, some new clothes, two new pea coats, and some way cute accessories. It was so great to just spend time with the family and relax for the day.

I have to say.. the best part about Christmas was definitely the phone call i received that morning around 7:30. :) GAHHHH!! That boy.. still somehow just makes my heart skip a beat.. even with a simple "hi hay!" It was seriously the best thing to wake up to! Just talking to him for the short amount of time that we did made me twitterpated for the rest of the day. i am an official nerd. We talked mostly about his mission and how Elder Scott is coming because he thinks they might open a stake in Mozambique--which would be so cool! We talked a little bit about school, work and just life in general. It was so fun i cant even describe. He sounded just the same.. this time there was no accent, and no weird english. Except he did keep asking me "is that a normal way to say that? how would you say that?" It was hilarious! Later on i commented on how he didnt have an accent and his response was.."Well duh Hay! i brought my 'A' game english!" ahah what a nerd. He is doing so well and i couldnt be more proud of him and how hard he is working. I also loved hearing how his perspective has changed. He commented on how boring his letters have gotten because "everything i use to think was so crazy and weird, is now just so normal and expected." I absolutely loved hearing him talk about how much he loved the people he was teaching. He has truly immersed himself in the work and is so close to Christ. I love it. It definitely has helped me keep my perspective on what is important! We just a have a little over 5 and half months til he is home!!.....Still not letting myself get too trunky yet... :)

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  1. loved this! so much hay! makes me so excited for you!


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