Welp tomorrow is Christmas! i know you are all rolling your eyes thinking "duh of course it is haley!"Although i am super excited for Christmas and the fun things i will receive, there is something a little bit more exciting that i have been waiting for... tomorrow Benny boy gets to call! Oh my gosh i can hardly wait. The last 3 nights sleep have been full of dreams of talking to him and the funny things we will talk about on the phone. I am so excited!! After tomorrow Ben will only have one more phone call until he is home. Now that is a crazy thought. Time is starting to really fly by. In fact.. today is Bens 18 month mark! HOLY MOLY. 6 months and that cute boy will be home. I havent gotten pictures from him in awhile.. but here are some pretty dang adorable ones that i dont think i have shared. He is currently serving in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, as a ZL and loving being ridiculously busy.

 Cooking some hotdogs at his mission presidents home.

 "the field is white and ready to harvest!" hahah love it.

 I never thought i would see the day come... Ben wearing a soccer jersey!? :)

 So adorable. Please tell me you agree.

Ben went to the "zoo" there, and thought of the marvelous idea to buy a chicken off the side of the road and throw it in the crocodile pen. "Hay it was like live National Geographics!" Seriously i know this sounds crazy that they would allow this to happen there, but really it is a different world down there! and yes.. those chickens are alive! 

Well i wish i had more pictures to share.. but i feel like i talk about his lovely elder all the time on here. I cant wait for June to come rolling around! I am so proud of this boy! He never ceases to amaze me and i am so grateful for his amazing example. Yay! i get to talk to him TOMORROW! :)

Merry Christmas to you all!

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  1. Haley, I'm stalking you... I know the kid in the last picture with the chickens, his name is Addison, I went to elementary and middle school with him. CRAZY.


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