Happy 6 months to us!

Wahoo! We made it 6 months people! Never thought I would see the day :) hahaha kidding obviously!!! People say that marriage is the best... and it is in its own little way. I can explain that later on. But FOR REAL. I cannot believe we have been married for 6 months. For some people this probably isnt that big of a deal, but it is absolutely crazy how fast time has flown by! 

6 months ago today Am picked me up and we headed up to the Draper temple. I was soo excited I was seriously about to burst. There we sat in the waiting room at the temple while the temple people filled out all of our info. Then, away we went into our separate dressing rooms. My mom helped me get into my clothes, and then she left to be with everyone else. Ammon and I met up in the celestial room, and waited for our temple sealer to come get us. Eventually President Hill (ammon's mission president and also our sealer) came and walked us into one of the empty sealing rooms. There we talked about our past relationship and the exciting things that the future held. He had attended the wedding dinner the night before and watched this video. And he said to us "You know all that 'on' again 'off' again stuff really doesn't matter. Once we are in the eternities, we will look back on this life and realize just how short it was, and then YOU will realize just how much those 'on' and 'off' moments really just don't matter. They will have been such a short period of time in your mortal life that it just wont make a difference! You will laugh and think.. now how did we meet again?" And I can tell you.. that was the biggest answer to my prayers. I have always struggled with the way I handled the whole 'situation' with Ammon. I still feel terrible for the ways I treated him in the past, but at that moment.. i learned that all is well. Everything worked out just the way it was supposed to and in the end.. it really just doesn't matter! My heart was seriously at perfect peace after that. 

I will never forget how amazing it was to walk into the sealing room holding hands with sweet Am. The second the door opened I saw EVERY single person that i loved and cared about sitting in the room. Instantly i lost it. Seriously I was overcome by the most indescribable and incomprehensible feeling. It was perfect. The ceremony was short and sweet, but so meaningful and great. I was blown away by the sealing ordinance and sooo grateful for all the hard work I had done growing up to prepare me for the temple. After the ceremony my mom escorted me to the dressing room where I got to put on my wedding dress and prepare to go outside in the heat! Once I was ready, she left and I went to find ammon. I will never forget seeing him in that moment! UGH! Thinking about it absolutely gives me butterflies! Then out we went! I remember feeling slightly awkward because the automatic doors opened sooo slowly (hint just push the doors open yourself), and not to mention having everyone cheering and starring at us...thankfully those awkward feelings quickly went away! Hugs of love quickly ensued, and then we were rushed to picture taking.

Because it was so freaking hot outside that day, all of our picture are very 'squinty'. I am still working through editing them soooo just know that some of these are just raw, some of them are edited, and some I don't even know what their deal is! So enjoy.. I will post about the rest of the day and the reception another day. These are just some of my favorites so far.. but it takes so long to load them so I will have to post more another night.

the crew. 
My immediate family.. Missing east who is on his mission.
Am's immediate family excluding in-laws and Josh who's on his mission.

We have the best friends! 
The boys seriously suckeddddd holding me up!! it was awful.

Leave it to my girls to throw Ammon in the air like it was no problem.
Aint no thang!!

One of my favs...Isn't he soo handsome?!
The temple was by far the best part of the day. It was seriously unreal how cool and spiritual it was! BUT the reception.. was the funnn part of the day. Can't wait to blog about that later :)


  1. you sure looked gorgeous hay. i'm so glad i got to see you!

  2. Beautiful! Love love LOVE your dress!


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