Gratitude in looking back

So i just spent the last hour reading through old blog posts from a year or so ago.. and okay I am sitting her bawling like a crazy woman!

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the trials I went through during the fall of 2011. Posts like this, this, this, and this, remind me just how far I have come. They remind me how much my testimony of my Savior grew during those lonesome, dreadful, and terrible months. While just thinking about that time in my life still brings me to tears, I know with out a shadow of a doubt that I am EXACTLY where my Father in Heaven would have me be. I know that everything I went through was so I could learn the value of the atonement, the purpose of Gethsemane, and the how amazing it is when "sunday comes". (one of my favorite conference talks ever.. read it here)

I promise you... Your Heavenly Father is there for you. Your Savior knows exactly how you feel. He knows what you want, and He knows how to get you there. The hardest part is submitting your will to His will.. but I can swear to you, that once you do, immediately your burdens will become light. You will see the growth in yourself. You will see the relationship with your savior flourish. You will look back one day and realize "why" all those things had to happen. Like i said in this post "Sure i am confused about the WHY but not about the what. I know what i did was what i needed. And i know that my Heavenly Father loves me and will let me know when the time is right. When and who will be answered someday." 

I can tell you with 100% surety that I know my why. I can see it sooo easily now. So, if you are going through a hard time.. keep going! One day you will truly look back and be extremely grateful for the trials you are enduring now, and they will make you a much better person! 

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