The blessings of the gospel

I am so glad my cute niece decided to get baptized. Not only was it such a special day for her, but it was an amazing reminder to me how blessed I am to be a member of the gospel. I was thinking about it and (everyone always says it) BUT I really have no idea what kind of person I would be or where I would be with out the knowledge of the gospel leading and guiding my every choice. I love that I literally have access to divine guidance and inspiration whenever!

I always think back to the day I went through the temple to receive my endowment. I was nervous (as I think all first timers are), but I was soo at peace with what I was doing. I was slightly confused with everything that was going on, yet I still just felt so excited for the step I was taking. I remember walking out of the temple and feeling like I loved Ammon 1249284305 times more than when we went into the temple. Then a cute friend commented on my insta pic I took that day and said something like "Just wait til you are sealed!" First I thought she was just talking about how great it was to be married.... and it wasn't until the day I was married that I really understood what she had meant!
just ignore the fact that I am wearing the same shirt.. One of my favs? This was the day I went through the temple.

Looking back, I am so glad that I had never heard the sealing ordinance before the day I was married. I just remember sitting there with Ammon listening to our awesome sealer and thinking "OH MY GOSH. THIS IS UNREAL." (unreal in the sense that it was so incredible). I was crying happy tears, tears of awe-struck love, and tears of pure amazement. It was the most indescribable and overwhelming feeling. AND let's not even talk about the crazy amount of love I felt for my cute Am! Seriously the temple is the most fabulous place on Earth...and being able to partake of al that it has to offer is even more amazing.

Am and I went back to the temple this week and did sealings for the first time since we were married. MAN! All those great feelings of love and pure joy came rushing back to me. Like Really.. i have the best husband ever and I love him so much!...

I am so extremely grateful for the temple and the gospel. For those of you who haven't gone through the temple or been married yet.. you have SO much to look forward to. It is the biggest blessing you could ever ask for. I love my Savior and am beyond grateful for his atonement and the things He made possible because of his sacrifice. Embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ!
Prob not the best pic but its the only one I have on my computer at the moment.. :)

OH ps.. we are coming up on 6 months of marriage and I plan on posting all my wedding pics that week! wahoo!

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  1. Excited to hear we have mutual friends from Dixie! Who all do you know? You look kind of familiar! When did you go there?

    Excited to read up on your blog :)


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