For the love of the game

Sooo yesterday I got to watch cute Am play baseball again! Wahoo! Even though it was just the Alumni game at Dixie State, i can't even tell you how giddy I was driving to the game. I LOVE watching my boy play some ball. I always joke that I first fell in love with Ammon whenever I saw him play baseball, and yesterday i realized that might just be true. There is just something about watching him do something that he loves SO much, something he is soo good at, and something that he worked so hard at being successful, that just sends me over the edge. Seriously. i can hardly wait for the day that i get to see him coaching t-ball to our little ones. 

PLUS, i can't even explain how extremely giddy it makes me when somehow we make eye-contact as he walks out to shortstop. Its like the world stops and for just one moment..we have our little connection where I know he is looking up at me, and he knows that i am checking him out from the up in the bleachers. Sometimes I swear i see him smile at me, but then he tries to hide it under the shadow from the brim of his hat. And lets not mention how great it is when he sends me 'our sign' when he gets on base. ....yeah i am soo glad he is mine for eternity. 

 Andddd I am even more glad that i finally realized I loved him even when he wasn't playing baseball. 
two years ago.
he's a cutie.
senior season


  1. i LOVE those baseball pics you two took together. so perfectly you.

  2. Just obsessing over the baseball pics is all... So cute! I have been meaning to check out your blog ever since we started following each other in Instagram but for some reason I'm just now getting around to it! Excited to see more!
    Xo Natasha

    1. yay! glad you stopped by! I am pretty sure you know my friend that took these pics.. Levi Arnone? We went to high school together! Plus i recognized Amy Green, Kait Thorn, and a few other people in some of your pics.. Small world! Amy and I watched the baseball games together occasionally. I will have to start piecing this all together...


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