i am the worst

But you guys already knew that! When I was recapping our year in my last post I realized how bad of a blogger I really am! I never even documented what we did for Christmas etc!

Am and I were fortunate enough to get a week and half off from work! SCORE. We headed home on the 21, and got to stay until the 30th! It is kind of hard going up north for holidays because splitting time between family is hard! We were lucky this year because our schedules basically revolved around the missionary phone calls. Josh, Am's brother who is serving in Thailand, called on Christmas Eve because the time change is so dramatic that it was already Christmas for him! So we spent Christmas Eve with Ammon's family.

Christmas was BUSY. We woke up at 6 to watch our nephews in Rhode Island open their presents from Santa. 6:00 is a little early for me so I was a little out of it. Then we watched Am's sister Nicki open her gifts before we headed up to the Hansen's to talk to East. East is serving in Guatemala and is loving life. The rest of the day was spent driving to see our niece and nephew's presents, dinner with the grandparents and cousins and ...i might have snuck a nap in there somewhere.

Other things we did included:

  • shooting clay pigeons with my dad and brothers.
  • Dinner with Devin and Sarah at Rodizio Grill
  • shopping with our nephew
  • Gifts from the heart with the Hansen extended family
  • game night with Jess, Evan, Marlies, Dillon, Melissa, and Tyler. WE LOVE THEM.
  • a wedding reception for my dear friend Cody Raymond. We have literally been friends since 3rd grade.. he was my biggest competitor in everythinggggg!
  • Played basketball at the good ol LC.
  • got to meet Jeremy Guthrie.. a pitcher for the Royals in the MLB. What an awesome guy!

The break was seriously so great. We always love spending time with family and friends. BUT we were so happy when we got back to St George. It is starting to feel more like home and for that I am grateful!

sorry this is possibly my worst post in blogger history.

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