this is for accountability

Lets get to the point of this blog. I am reallyyyy sick of feeling flabby and out of shape. My whole life my day to day activities have always been filled with soccer games, practices, trips to play basketball with friends, intramural football, softball... blah blah blah you guys know the drill. I am not going to try and use this as an excuse, but working full time has been ROUGH on my working out/feeling athletic routine. I know I am no "chubbers" but I just hate how I feel about myself. I haven't gained much since we got married but still.. this whole not working out thing is getting to me! I am in a serious rut! BUT I have finally come to a point where I hate it so much that I decided to do something about it. YAY. haha.

My problem is, I hateeee running. I seriously cannot for the life of me get myself to enjoy it. My mom is a crazy runner. As in like running a marathon every month.. and usually getting in the top 5 for her age group. Yeahhhh she's cray.

Anywayyyy. Tonight I started this:

I bought it on sale at Walmart for 9 bucks. Sweet right? It comes with a meal plan but I suck at cooking gourmet expensive uber healthy meals. SO I decided I am just going to cut eating carbs to only 1 meal a day, and every morning I am going to make a healthy shake for breakfast. Lunch will primarily be salads and lettuce wraps. Oh and I am working on my portion control obviously. I am not cutting out sweets entirely, but everything in moderation (no consistent candy eating, and no ice cream after 8).

I have already been doing this eat healthy thing for a week... I have some BOMB shake recipes for you all to try.. super healthy and yummers. Tonight started the get fit plan.. The first workout wasnt too shabby. Cardio wise I felt really good.. strength wise.. I need some help. My body will be sore tomorrow! I took some before pictures too (gross.. hate them.. want to never look at them again). BUT I am hoping I will have some awesome stats to share with you in 30 days. We'll see. Mostly this post is so that I feel some sort of accountability for sticking with this program. I really need it!


  1. i cant wait to hear how it goes! good luck! feeling gross is the absolute worst thing ever, ever.

  2. yay me too! text me if you have temptations and i will do the same! haha!


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