It is no secret that I love to shop. I especially LOVE finding a good deal. Well.. last week I splurged a little and bought some new stuff. And tonight, I am here to share with you the cutest boutique everrrr. I wish I could take all the credit for finding this amazing store, but all the credit goes to Jules.

This boutique is located in AZ, but they ship for only $5 extra. You just have to call and tell them what you want and they ship it that day. WAHOO! Some of their clothes seem expensive but follow them on instagram and they pretty much have deals everyday! That's where you will see all of their cute clothes and updates on sales etc. check it out here.

These are the cute little numbers i am dying to get in the mail :)

I got this dress 45% off! deal!


  1. um... adorable! you better put up pics of YOU in these new outfits. i love that chevron dress. do they have it in other colors??

  2. Hahah I am not much of a selfie poster.. butttttt maybe i will make an exception. And as for the other colors.. they are constantly posting the cutest chevron stuff! follow them on insta!

  3. your dress! ah you are so darling! i am thee biggest shopper too.

  4. love this!!!! so happy you can enjoy these darling numbers!


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