Ok I have to brag

because my husband is the best! He completely spoiled me for Christmas!

I had seen this amazing clock back in October at this little boutique here in St George. It was hanging right in the window and was HUGE! Every time we would drive by I would check to make sure it hadn't been sold. My plan was to save up my money and [someday] buy the massive thing. Well my mom called me one day and said she had found a birthday card at my house that had 150 bucks in it that i had never used! Am was stoked and said I could buy whatever I wanted with it. DUH. I knew exactly what I wanted to buy.

I kept telling Ammon..."hey lets go buy that clock" and suddenly he would say things like "babe we need barstools more than a clock... Babe we need a new table... babe we need blah blah blah.." I was getting super frustrated cuz he had already told me to buy whatever I wanted! I was sort of bugged to be honest....! This is a great example of how horrible of a wife I am!

Well time kept going by and things like this just kept happening. We decided to exchange gifts before we left for SLC, and when Ammon came walking down the stairs with this thing... I FLIPPED. Apparently he had bought it back at the beginning of November! He was scared that if we went in there together the owner would spill the beans and I would be so sad because the clock would have been gone! hahaha he is a sneaky one I tell you!

He also bought me this cute new snow coat and vest. I saw it at the Nike outlet in November and fell in love. Am 'surprised' me with it too for christmas! Awesome.

I; however, did not do as well.. I bought Am some sweet new shoes he had been wanting, a new baseball hat [he can never have enough], new cologne, and a new flannel shirt. Nothing super exciting but he was happy!

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