12 really is my lucky number

It is no secret that 12 has always been my favorite number. After a rough ending to 2011, I was so excited to have a fresh and new start to 2012. I was anxious to see if my lucky number was going to pull through for me. Well... I am happy to say that 2012 was beyond what I could have ever imagined.  (My recap idea comes from Kylee)

January brought an unexpected move to St George. One day I decided to move, and three days later I was settled into my new abode. Ammon and I began exclusively dating for the first time, and I learned what it felt like to really let myself fall in love with him. My testimony of my Savior grew substantially during this month particularly.

February I started my job at ULTA, and my make up obsession rocketed to an all new high. We
celebrated Valentines Day and Am's birthday. We went ring shopping for the first time, and the reality of my feelings for Ammon officially began settling in.

March was a crazy month! Ammon's baseball season was in full swing, and I was loving every minute spent at the field. At the end of March, Am surprised me with quite the ring and asked me the question every girl dreams about. BEST. DAY. EVER.

April was the month I found my wedding dress. I saw it in a magazine, searched high and low for the store that carried it, set an appointment, tried it on, and bought it. First dress I tried on (and one of the only). Baseball still dominated more of our lives, but wedding plans soon took over.

May was the month I moved up to Sandy to plan for the wedding. I transferred ULTA stores and worked my tail off. I graduated from the U.. that day might have been another one of the BEST DAYS OF THE YEAR. Ammon got an amazing, too-good-to-be-true job offer back down in St George, and we quickly began plans to move BACK to Geezy.

June brought engagement pictures, turning 22, and a trip to Powell. My cute cousins from Italy finally moved home, and the party at the airport was unforgettable. We found another too-good-to-be-true of a deal on an apartment in St George and took over the rest of another person's lease. This deal also came with a free washer and dryer, $750, and no deposit. AWESOME.

July was definitely the biggest month of the year (and probably of my life). We spent the 4th at the RSL game. I went through the temple.. which was easily one of the coolest and biggest achievements of my life. And on the 26th.. Am and I were sealed for time and all eternity. Am's mission president was our sealer, and the feelings felt that day are indescribable. I lost the cd's of our wedding pics in the move, so I have to wait to post those until later. The reception was everything i imagined, and all the people that came were so appreciated. We took an unforgettable trip to Jamaica and loved every second of it.

August we moved back to st george. wahoo! We settled into our little apartment and I tried to learn to decorate. I started my job at Ydraw; a job that has proven itself to be a HUGE blessing. Ammon and I got in our first real fight, and in the end we blamed it on my birth control. (the stuff really does mess me up) haha. It's a good thing we can laugh about it now.

September we headed up to SLC for the Utah v BYU game. (go utes!) A game that will forever be under debate in the Zitting household. Ammon learned just how much he hates the Utes, and I learned just how much I LOVE them. :) We also scored 3rd row tickets to see Aladdin at Tuacahn, and i finally got everything hung up in our apartment. We were asked to teach primary as well!

October was the month that (looking back now) I can say I finally felt settled in to being married. I used Am's toothbrush for the first time, and I learned that Ammon is the scariest person to wake up from naps. We dressed up for Halloween, and had so much fun just hanging out with each other. We found what we thought was our dream house, and after 39039825928 times of trying to put an offer on the house, we felt it just wasn't right. we were frustrated and confused.

November we finally found our "REAL" dream house, and everything finally fell right into place. It was a simple and easy process. (as easy as loan's can be.. urghh). I chopped my hair off.. so sad. We celebrated our first Thanksgiving at my house, and I even took a picture with BYU's mascot. I think his name is Comet or something... Can you tell my excitement?

December came and went too fast! Am and I bought a Christmas tree, we moved, and we celebrated our first Christmas EVER together. (It is so weird that after dating and hanging out with each other for so long we NEVER spent a Christmas together. My fault.) We learned that moving into our new house was just the plan our heavenly father had in store, and have immediately felt right at home. We got callings to teach in the primary (again!) and are sooo excited! New Years Eve was laid back and spent right at home.. (Surprisingly this has not been Am and I's first New years together.. last year he laid one on me at midnight in front of his parents! so manly. hahah)

Honestly 2012 was incredible and will be a hard one to beat. BUT, knowing that I am spending it with Am.. i just know it will be better than ever! I am soo excited for 2013 (even though i have a weird thing about the number 13..) I am trusting it to treat me well! Here's to a new year and new experiences!


  1. I want to live in st g.. in YOUR house. it is so perfect. also, you have the greatest pictures. something about you and am just makes me happy.

  2. Love this Hay! You and Am are the cutest. Love you guys!

  3. This is so cute! Hayley, I love seeing you so happy and watching your life unfold. You two are so cute! Happy New Year! :)

  4. Your blog is so cute and I'm glad we can be blog friends too! The first six months of our marriage was the worst due to birth control! That stuff is the demon!

  5. hahaha DANG BIRTH CONTROL... turns us into crazies. Loved this hay.

    1. Seriously! Am loved what your husband said about "well just start taking your birth control again and you can go as Satan to the party" hahaha we loved that and can totally relate. I am so going to blog about all the craziness birth control has brought into our life!


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