sparks has sparked my interest again!

well Nicholas Sparks has done it again people. I will be the first to admit.. i love his books. i am a sucker for romantic novels, and his usually do the trick. I loveddd Dear John, The Choice, and a few others.. i'm drawing a blank on the names. BUT the movies are never quite as good. Dear John, the book, is completely different than the movie, and quite frankly the book is sooo much better and more realistic. Anyway, i am way excited for this movie to come out! Ummm HELLO Zach Efron and Nicholas Sparks? Perfect movie set up.


  1. ohmygosh.
    zac is a man now and i am even more in love with him than i was before. i am going to this movie the day it comes out and it's only because zac is in it. okay so maybe it's because i'm a hopeless romantic and that trailer gave me butterflies.

  2. this was a good book for sure! hopefully the movie is good!

  3. Sooo i'm thinking we should plan a blogger party to go see this movie together?


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