farewell little brother

It's official! I have the cutest missionary brother on the planet. We took him to the MTC on wednesday and although a little rough, i couldn't be more proud of the kid. He is a hard worker, dedicated, smart, loving, hilarious, trustworthy, and dependable. I already miss our late night chats about boys, girls, family, drama, or the gospel. I cherish the nights when East would knock on my door and come lay on my bed while we just talked about life. We laughed (mostly at Kalinee sleep talking), we cried, we got mad, and we laughed some more. But he taught me so much, and still continues to teach me. He is so mature and has more faith than anyone i know. The people of Guatemala are seriously sooo lucky to have him.

We got our first email today. He is doing sooo awesome and i couldn't be more proud! He said he keeps preparing himself for that awful, horrible, terrible, day everyone said he would have, and he was happy to report it hadn't happened yet. Good news right?! He said he is staying busy and working hard to learn 'this spanish stuff'. hahah His companion is from canada.. to which he responded.."Canada eh?!" it was hilarious and made all of us laugh. He will be in the Provo MTC for about 3 weeks, and then he will head to the Guatemala MTC for another 6. Yay for missionaries!

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  1. that first picture is my faav. you look super pretty hay!


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