my babe

While in Africa, we have the opportunity to go to an orphanage for babies aging from newborn to 4 years old. The police bring the babes here after they have found them abandoned on the streets. Sometimes, the babies are left at the gate because the mother is ashamed of the pregnancy (usually because she was raped by a family member--something highly frowned upon yet soo common). The first year the orphanage was one of the highlights of my trip, and this year was no different. I love the kids there with all my heart. It is a place where i am given the opportunity to give genuine and instant love to children who have never really felt it. There are 4 women who work at this orphanage, and each of them are in charge of 10 children. All day. every day. To say they need a little help is an understatement.

This year i was lucky enough to be able to spend the majority of my time there with the newborn babies. Babies are my favorite. Don't get me wrong, i loveee toddlers. But there is just something about holding a baby in your arms. Just knowing they were recently with our Heavenly Father is indescribable. So innocent, helpless, and pure. We arrived at the orphanage while the babies were napping, and one by one as they awoke, each of us was given a baby to hold and care for. I was handed my sweet little Mary. She was so tiny and well behaved. She hardly made a peep besides her little laughing squeal (make sure to watch the video at the end of this post). She was so ticklish and had the cutest dark curly hair. She cuddled right up to me and just laid on my chest. I was instantly in love.

It's hard to express the feelings i get when i think of my experiences in Kenya. Quite honestly, that's why i don't really blog about it all that much. There is no way to come close to putting in words the feelings i have for that wonderful place. And there is no way to adequately describe the deep and immediate love i felt for my little babe Mary. It was sooo hard leaving knowing the reality of her circumstance. I secretly wanted to put her in my backpack and sneak her home.  But I have hope that she will be one of the few to be adopted this year. ......And if she isn't, well, you better believe as soon as i get married i will be finding her and be bringing her home with me for good!

Mary from Haley Hansen on Vimeo.

ok how adorable is she..really though? oh and please ignore the fact that i keep saying how much she loves the camera. I know i sound dumb and geeky in my 'baby talk voice'.. but in my defense, she really did loveeee it.


  1. Haley: how do we get her here? She is the best! Halle will still ask me I think we could adopt baby Mary! What a love

  2. Ummmm you should totally email me. Haha. My dream is to go to Kenya. Seriously I would die. Do you have any advice for someone like me? Never been before? What part of Africa were you at? How long were you there for? Ok enough enough. Sorry :)


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