first comes love.. then comes marriage.. then comes.....

Babies in the baby carriage. GAHH!! two of my besties are PREGGO! i have been waiting and waiting for the news to go public and finally i can share my joy with you! Jess and Ev are having their baby at the beginning of April, and Brooke and Dan's baby is due at the end of June! wow wow wow! i am so excited for both of these couples. Seriously Jess and Brooke are going to be amazing mothers, and Ev and Dan are going to be awesome fathers. I am still in shock that a lot of my friends are beginning to start their families. Seriously when did i get so old? Hellooooo permanent baby sitting job for Haley!
Brookie and Dan! 

Jess and Ev.. and their dog Sadie of course
Plus i really hope they dont mind that i stole these pictures from their facebooks.. Seriously i am soo happy for them!

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