Wow i am such an awesome blogger. Really.. a week after Halloween and i haven't even shown off my pictures! Halloween is seriously one of my favoriteee holidays. i love dressing up! and every year i have the best ideas what to dress up as.. the only problem is.. these ideas come after halloween! what the crap. This year i had high hopes for myself and ended up being a last minute witch. See the problem?  How does Halloween sneak up so fast?! I still had an awesome Halloween and i loved hanging out with my girl Scottie. We went to a few lame parties and somehow still managed to make each other laugh. Our favorite thing to do is to act like legit crazy chicks.. like we have random way loud fake laugh attacks and watch as people just stare at us. This usually leads to us 'real laughing' to the point we literally can't stop. Ok now that you know how lame we are, i promise you we have this weird ability to make fun wherever we go. It was awesome. Oh and Scottie.."what were you again?!" hahahahah love you girl!

The witch is in
typical mother making me and the sis take pics together in our costumes 

Just loving the AWESOME parties. hahahahahahahaha
 Best cosume of the night goes to this guy...... he looked legitttt.

Now that i have done my Halloween post.. i can officially Welcome November! I'll be honest... Thanksgiving isn't one of my favorite holidays. I'm not a huge fan of the whole thanksgiving dinner menu.. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing? not my exact forte, but i'll definitely take some of grandma's rolls! In my opinion it is a little over rated. BUT any excuse to be with my family, express thanks, and get out of school is totallyyyyy worth it. Bring on the turkey!

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