i feel loved

Well i had an epiphany the other day. I was driving home from st george and having my much needed thinking time. All of a sudden i started crying. Not a sad cry though, but tears of happiness. I was suddenly full of such love for all my great friends. Sure i have always known my friends were great, but really i am surrounded by the best. Within a matter of 24 hours my feelings went from feeling completely alone, to the exact opposite.. nothing near that. My friends care and they love me for who i am.

It all started Tuesday morning with a voicemail from my dear Whitley. All it said was.. "HALEYYYY J call meee backkkkkk." The simple tone of her voice alone made me so happy. Then i got a text from Preston telling me he was excited for me to watch him play. Then a phone call from Nate. It had been awhile since we talked, and a simple "how are you hay, we haven't talked in awhile" turned into an hour conversation. Next a phone call from my mother expressing her feelings for me and her opinions of my life. She is one wise woman i tell you! My 3rd grade teacher randomly wrote on my FB saying she was thinking about me. I arrived in St George and headed to get pedi's with Whit. Such a perfect catch up activity. She told me her latest news, and i told her mine. I love chats with whit.. she is so non-judgmental and such a good listener. We met up with Ammon and Luke for dinner.. which was way fun getting to know Luke a little more. I received a phone call from jess saying that she was having a BOY!!!! gahhhh i flipped!!! Later that night at the Dixie State vs Montana game i got to see Madison. Love that girl. And Court and Morgan too. Sooo many good friends i tell you! I even got to see some of my old 'baseball buddies'.. quinn and hanley. And of course, we can't forget Hesterly. And, i got to meet some of my friend's friends (does that even make sense?) .. Tyler, Luke, Tyler, Rhett. People i constantly hear stories about, and i finally got to put faces to the names. I got to talk to Prest and Chase very briefly after the game and it made me soo happy. i got a text from Eric Proctor asking me about Africa--always a happy subject, PLUS conversations with eric always turn out to be hilarious. Then, i had another amazing conversation with Ammon... seriously conversations with that boy are always the best. Heading home and walkin into the house to a little surprise from whit made me smile and reminisce about our freshman year. (Jacie... all fours ring a bell?) And the conversation to follow made me even happier. Somehow, whit, min, and i, ended up staying up til 5:15 in the morning just chatting about who even knows what. Love those girls like sisters. Naturally we watched wedding and engagement videos on vimeo... Ya know since we are all sooo close to getting married. bahahhahaah. We practically fell asleep on my little twin bed and woke up wayyy too early the next morning for various reasons. Definitely made for a happy morning.

The next day all the love continued. Anddd it continues! Seriously i dont know how i ever got so lucky to be surrounded by the best. I love my friends. And i am extremely grateful to my Heavenly Father for the wonderful people he has put in my life. Ya know that quote about being an answer to someone else's prayer if you are doing what is right? well i am soo grateful that my friends have been worthy to receive the revelation they have been given. Because, with out even knowing it they have been answers to my prayers in their own little way. I am grateful for the Lords timing and plan for me. I know that he hears and answers my prayers. Even if they don't come when i want them or think they should. He answers them in His time.. and sometimes all the answers come at once. Life is sooo GOOD people!

Feel free to skip the pics.. but it does provide a nice little look at my numerous hair colors over the years..
Madison and I in AZ my sophomore year 
The girls at Karaoke night 
Hesterly and I after we went rabbit hunting
Haley. Lexi. Haley. 
The gang at Carson's homecoming.
Jason. Brayden. Ky. Stets. Jess. Cars.Nate. Haley. Craig. Lace. Heath
The kicks at Jaim's wedding!
Jess. Haley. Jaim. Dut. Brooke. steph
Jess and Whit
Scottie and I
Min. Paige. Hay. Whit. 
Flashback to high school! Cody and Presty :) 


  1. having good friends is such a wonderful blessing and we have surely been ultra blessed in that department.


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