i just wish

..people would stop thinking that they know everything about my life. I got another awesome text from 141000008... remember them? Just when i thought the storm was over this lovely tries to tell me what i need to do. Really people? you would think they would have understood the first time!...apparently not.

Lessons to be learned (for my purposes only): your best friends can prove to be your worst. Random people will always think they know best. And in the end, all that matters is what your Heavenly Father thinks. Personally, i think he loves me no matter what.


  1. you are the only one who will know the whole story. Heavenly Father will give you all the information you need to do what you are supposed to.
    keep up the good work haley! all things will work out, sometimes it just takes a little longer than we wish! thanks for being so amazing!
    [seriously. my mom and i talked about you on the phone last night randomly and she just kept saying how awesome she thinks you are. we all agree.]

  2. Hi Haliey! I dont think I personally know you but I had to go through some of the same bs... and there are alot of people jealous of people like you cause you seem to have a lot of great blessings in your life... "birds peck at the best fruit" I recently went through some of the same things and really that is the best you can do, Heavenly father is the only one who knows you best and you shouldn't care what "others" think of you, it may be hard but keep your head up! Sounds to me that one of your "friends" is not a happy person and has to go around spreading drama! for some people it takes them longer to grow up...

  3. Haley, you're awesome! You are so strong! You have your head on straight and you know what you're doing...don't even worry about what other people think...you're perfect the way you are and your Heavenly Father loves you infinitely! You are a beacon to all of us! Love you!

  4. I think.... That you are awesome. And... That your blog rocks. And you win for the best posts and cutest girl. The end.


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