Well let it be known that i have severely neglected my blog in the last month. Lets just say i have been one busy gal! So... quick update on the last month or so:

Had the best April Fools Day yet. Let it be known that April fools is one of my favorite holidays. Day included 12 yr old brother crying... twice. 
this guy caused some serious emotional damage
Went to St. George (of course) for a quick vaca with the family. Activities included: baseball games, hiking, hanging with friends, and getting veryyyyy sunburnt.
Hiking in Leeds, UT

wrapped up some major projects for the semester.. including one that involved volunteering for RTC. So glad school is FINALLLY OVER. can i get a HOO-RAH?
Comm 3030 class project: Assist a nonprofit. we chose Reach The Children. 

Got my flights confirmed for Italy! i cant wait to see my cute aunt, uncle and cousins.
So excited to see these cute girls. I'm thinking going dark again. What do ya think?

Prep for Africa continues... can i just say how excited i am to go back?!!
just excuse the black bra and awkward posture... its hard to move when people are grabbing your hair.
Have i told you how much i love weddings? by the end of this weekend i will have gone to 5 weddings in one week. HOLY MOLY. i love them so much. call me a freak.
Cortnee and Todd's wedding.. ok adorable! you should watch their video it was my favorite part of the wedding i think.. almost made me cry i loved it so much. watch it here.
Marissa's wedding.. we played soccer at Dixie together. She looked gorgeous and her wedding was soo fancy!
Got asked to be Vice President for Omega next year. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.
i love these girls. every. single. one.
This girl leaves on her mission in 3 weeks! sad day, but yet so exciting!
Gosh i love Paige
UMM ........Two months from yesterday this lovely boy will be home!! eekkkkkkk!!!! 4th of July will be here before i know it!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry for the absurd amount of exclamation points.. i am excited ok?
how cute is he?! .... seriously though. 
Loving life right now. new motto goes a little something like this:

k promise i wont neglect the blog anymore. i have fun stuff to write about.. until then.. 

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