I've had some random thoughts the last few days and i need somewhere to vent my joys/angers/loves/hates ....you get the picture. So here goes nothing

.. i reallyyyy hate my blog. i need to make it cute, but why the heck does it take me sooo long to do so? i need to redo the header. ..but flip that takes 10 years and a half and by the time i get it done, the pictures will once again be outdated. Help anyone?

...i decided it's one of my biggest pet peeves when people don't listen to what you have to say. And by listen, i mean really listen. Sure everyone is capable of hearing what one is saying, but why is it sooo hard for someone to listen to how you feel? I am sick of people thinking that they know what's best for me and trying to convince me to do what they want. If they would just listen they would know exactly how i feel. People should know by now that i am a pretty much an open book.

...it's my momma's birthday today. I wont tell you how old she is...she might kill me in my sleep tonight.. but lets just say she isn't as old as she thinks she is. :) Happy birthday mom!

...i really just love John Mayer. I miss singing his songs in weird voices with my bestie. I also have been loving Tay Swift..i miss screaming her songs with my other bestie. ok lets be honest.. when am i not loving either of these two?

...In sad news about this bestie... she is moving to Colorado for the summer to do pharmacy internship. i am going to miss her!!!! summer is our time to be together.. and now, we wont be. booooo.

..Speaking of Tay.. My dad surprised me for my birthday with 4 tickets to her concert in September. I will probably sell two of them, but even still... SO. EXCITED. if you promise not to tell anyone, i will tell you something embarrassing. I was listening to Tay the other day and got so excited for her concert that i teared up. Yup i cried. I am sooo weird. What the heck.

... We had a bridal shower for Jaim on Saturday. it was good seeing the girls.. i haven't seen them since our gift exchange before Christmas! what the heck. But life just takes you different directions, and as sad as it is to say... that's kinda how it is going with the kicks. Still love all those girls to pieces though. Jaim gets married in 10 Days! so excited for her.

...i think i am 'buying' a new ipod. Remember that gift card that i won? well.. a new ipod before Africa would be a nice way to spend it right?

...i am suddenly feeling sort of stressed with all the stuff i need to do before i leave. Did i mention it is less than a month away? Freaking out much.

...Ben gets home in 54 days. Of those 54 days.. 24 of them i will be spend out of the country. I would be lying if i said i wasn't SO excited for him to get home. But i would also be lying if i said i wasn't kinda nervous. It is quite the roller coaster of emotions. I haven't let myself think about this day for over two years. Back in those days it was too far away to even think about. Now all of a sudden i feel this overwhelming feeling that is so hard to describe. hahaha ben used this phrase in his last letter about coming home.. "it's kind of a suffocating feeling thinking about coming home." I have to agree. I feel that. Not necessarily in a bad way.. but there are just sooo many different emotions i feel that it gets overwhelming sometimes. I cant wait to go to Africa and lose myself in service.
...I am really excited for work to change to 8:30-12:30 days. I know i have never been a morning person, but i have come to love that feeling of waking up early and getting things done. Working in the morning and having my afternoons free seems like a marvelous plan. Especially if there is beautiful sunny weather, a pool, and a bottle of tanning oil calling my name.

.. I came upon this video today and almost died. How cute is it? haha at the same time.. i really hope my kids aren't that eager to get their first kiss. crazy.

...i keep telling myself that i will start eating more healthy and exercise everyday.. yup i was supposed to start on the 9th... but i am still saying "i will start tomorrow"... Where is my motivation?

...i am having a girls night with Lexi tonight. I think it is needed. And i think it will help this crappy mood that i am in. I found this on stumble and i cant decide which side the tears are coming out of first? hahaha how annoying is that?!

Until tomorrow.. thanks for reading my angry/happy rant. you are all great. Nighty

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  1. You will know, I read each and every word :)

    1-For my blog, I did a background that I loved or was personable to me? So I guess you could upload a picture that just screams 'HALEY!!!' :)

    2-I do pride myself in being the best listener and advice giver :) Not "You're bein a boob, so shut it." Hit me up if you need anything dear, seriously.

    3-Your mom is GORGEOUS. And doesn't look a day over 35. You also look just like her.

    4-There is nothing better than screaming your fav artists with your bestie. The songs come up and it TOTALLY takes you back. Then you can't help but scream at the top of your lungs and reminsce :)

    5-I'm sorry to hear your best friend is moving!! :( That's a rought spot, but it's just for the summer! It'll go by SO fast.

    6-Taylor Swift tickets?!! Ok...that's legit! And don't be embarrassed about crying hahaha when I got my Lion King tickets last summer, I watched the movie and lost it :) I could not BELIEVE I was going to see MY Disney movie on stage. And no one understand that feeling other than you! Those tears are the mark of a true fan :) lol.

    7-I don't really know what to say about this one...other than I love weddings and I love bridal showers, believe it or not. I may be worn out by the time it's my own. I have lived so vicariously through everyone else... :S

    8-Long live Apple and bring on the iPod.

    9-Do not be stressed about getting prepped before Africa. Everything will fall into it's proper place. Remember the thought/testimony you shared with us towards our last Omega night? Just keep doin what you need to be doin, and everything will happen the way it's supposed to :)

    10-It's ok to be nervous about your MISSIONARY coming home! I haven't had that experience before, but if there is any reason to be...you both have changed! Gone through so many experiences the last 2 years. You are completely different people and it's almost like you have to get to know each other all over again. And just in general, you haven't seen him in 2. years. That's enough reason to be nervous hun and that's ok :) The service in Africa will prep ya, I'm sure of that.

    11-Bomb-diggity on the time change for work! Pass the tanning oil...please.

    12-That video...was awesome :) He's young and already knows how to work the system lol

    13-Motivation for exercising...hmm. This is something I struggle with to. Go running in your swimming suit! Haha jk. Start out simple. The problem with "I'm gonna eat healthy and start exercising" is everyone thinks they need to make this Biggest Loser drastic change. You have to start small and simple, because your body is not used to eating or functioning that way. So start by taking healthy snacks to work. That way you will feel the need to get a healthy lunch and so on and so forth. Your eating habits will, in a sense, force you to exercise. Don't do a work-out you can't do lol. If you can't ride 37 miles on a spinning bike, don't do it just because the chick next to you is. Do what your body allows you to do. Build up to whatever your goal is. If it's 37 miles on a spinning bike, build up to that! (This was so. long. I am so sorry lol)

    14-Girls nights are always needed and always the best. Now I will always remember that picture whenever I cry hahaha

    I love you, SO happy to have met you!! <3
    This was/is long and obnoxious, buuut..I just wanted you to know that someone was listening :) (listening? Reading? I don't know...)


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