90's Flashback

Yesterday i was talking to my dear friend Lexi.. reminiscing about our childhood and the funny/crazy things we did together. She told me that she had a total 'flashback' the other day while listening to pandora. She was listening to her Backstreet Boy station (best idea ever right?) and the song "C'est La Vie" came on by BeWitched. I instantly knew what the flashback was to.. me singing that song at the top of my lungs while jumping/dancing on my bed. I guess you could say i was a fan. ...maybe a huge fan? either way we were both dying laughing. I had to look up the music video and obviously the video makes it that much better. Gosh i miss the 90's sometimes!..except for those awesome jean outfits. they can stay away forever thank you. hahaha


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  2. b*witched was once constantly on repeat at my house. i LOOOOVED them.


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