crafty? whaaa?

well let it be known that i might just have somewhat of a crafty side. Put a BIG emphasis on might. But my dear friend Megan is getting married while i am in italy, and so my mother and i are throwing her a shower for all the lovely ladies in the ward. We went to Roberts to find some cute paper etc, and decided that bright pink, tiffany blue, and a dark gray would make a cute invite. What do you think?

the name of the person getting invited on the envelope. the insert with time, place, date, etc .

I think they turned out quite nicely. I give my mother most of the credit, because after all, she is the scrapbook master. But i think i deserve some credit for these things. They took forever and i am soo glad to be done making these buggers!


  1. Uh so cute! I so love the colors!

  2. okaaaay cutest shower invites ever!

  3. oh my gosh those are soo cute!! And I still cant get over that megan and bo are getting married. When and where are they getting married?:

  4. k thanks guys!

    mary... how crazy is it that they are getting married? it is sooo great though i LOVE them together. They are getting married July 1. Soo exciting!


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