Fishtail Anyone?

So apparently Blogger had some sort of disfunction yesterday and deleted my latest post. sorry for those of you who missed out on reading that thing. There is nooo way i am re-writing it. Bummer. It also deleted all my progress with my blog editing! what the heck. i was getting it just how i liked it and now.. its back to blahhhh state.

 But! i went out of my comfort zone yesterday and tried out a new hairstyle. For those of you who dont know me well.. i really suck at doing hair. I can straighten, curl, and pony tail--- thats about it. So this was a big day for me! i successfully performed a fishtail braid.. on my first try!!! i must say.. its superrr easy and everyone should try it :)

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  1. i love fishtails! and yay for trying new things!


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