Festival of Colors

Almost two weeks ago was the Festival of Colors. I had never been before and i have to say, i will never miss it again! It was such a great experience and i had so much fun with the girls from my sorority.

 This was taken right before the madness began! 

still so clean!
 The girls from my sorority

It got super busy really fast. All of a sudden there was so many people there! They predicted that over 40,000 people were in attendance. Crazy!

In the mosh pit.. ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!

Fleurry, Kim, Kim, Scottie, Haley.
 By the end of the day we were completely covered with color. It was quite the experience and such a blast. 
Kim and I

Fleurry. Scottie. Kim. Haley
I love this picture.. It sums up the day perfectly. My only regret is not crowd surfing... It's on my bucket list so hopefully next year it happens!
I love how you can see the masses of people and then the Hindu Temple in the background.

Just a little video footage from the day...

Festival of Colors from Haley Hansen on Vimeo.

OH and PS. My hair is still PINK. Helppppp meee


  1. i refuse to miss this next year. and i'm still seriously doing my own festival of colors asap.

  2. Haley,I found your blog from Lisa'a. You look adorable. I love seeing what your up too, your hair looks cute blonde!!
    Ali Hart Gleason


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