heaven on earth

Every week i get an email from Sephora. If you have never been to Sephora.. you NEED to go! It is the best store ever...make up, shampoo, fragrance, skin care, nail polish.....they've got it all! There is a new one in fashion place mall and it is seriously heaven on earth. I was telling my mother.. i could spend hours and thousands of dollars in a store like that. Wellllll this week the email was a pretty dang good deal that i couldn't pass up! 

Ok i have to go off on a little make up rant for a second. I love love love Bare Minerals. I am a firm believer. Typically while growing up, i didn't have the best skin.. very sensitive to pretty much any make-up which caused horrible acne. No matter what i did it just didn't get better! ...(i even tried that proactive stuff.....hahahah it did alright but still my skin=too sensitive!) Anyway... finally i found a solution. BARE MINERALS! It is really easy to apply and i never really feel like i am wearing make up when i use it. So today when i saw this amazing kit.. i had to buy! Look at all that stuff.... for 49 bucks instead of 126? Totallyyyyy worth it. plus you get three different sample items at check out when ordering online. Talk about a steal of a deal!

check it out people. you get...
- Keepsake Mirror Charm
-Sassy Eyecolor (opalescent caramel)
-Dual-Sided Compatible Clever Blush and Chic Radiance (petunia pink/sun-kissed glow)
-Illuminating Mineral Veil Finishing Powder (completely sheer with luminous finish) 
-Mini Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black (black) 
-Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Savvy (rosy tan) 
-Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer 
- Flawless Application Face Brush 
- Mini Big and Bright Eyeliner in Intense Black 

sweet right?


  1. love the new blog look hay!

  2. ps. i ran into karin at church on sunday and that's who set me up with that kid. turns out he wasn't what she expected either because she did not think our meet up would be the death story that it was.


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