Thrillerrrrr babayyyy

Am and I were lucky enough to go to Thriller last night at Tuacahn. I had never been to Thriller before.. To say I loved it would be a huge understatement. It was awesome. In a weird way it made me wish that I would have stuck with dance. Oh! And get this.... We sat 3rd row! Can you say incredible? Plus Tuacahn is my most favorite amphitheater in the world. It's so pretty and it totally sets the creepy mood for the concert.

There are times I wish we lived in Salt Lake... Last night was not one of them. The weather was perfect and it's amazing to me that we were able to see the show OUTSIDE! St George is a beautiful place and this time of year is easily my favorite here. :)


  1. you've never been before?!?! it's so so good! what was your favorite dance?

    1. Ky! I LOVED the frankenstein dance! It was incredible! The lady that played his bride was AMAZING. i was in awe that whole time. And I also loved the river dance. Nothing beats the opening number though... :) Seriously Ky.. i can understand why you miss dance so much! it was so cool.


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