rock on rockers

While taking this picture Am and I kept saying.. "just keep thinking like you would if you hated your life".. we could not stop laughing!

Am and I had this great idea to be minions for Halloween this year. We had the whole thing planned and thought we were so clever. Until we saw the pictures of the Dixie Halloween party.. Where a good group of 15 people decided to be minions. We decided instantly that we had to figure something else out. Well.. turns out our gothic rockers costume wasnt too original either.. but! whatever! We had fun and I LOVED the fact that Ammon was so excited to get all dressed up.


  1. So this might be an odd compliment but you totally pull off the rocker look! Haha I love it!!

  2. ahhh i hate that, when you feel like you have such a good idea and then find out that you're not the only one with that awesome "original" idea. i swear i saw 50 million minnie's this year.

    1. K isn't it the worst? I hated that it was so NOT original.. but i was way glad we dressed up! Your minnie costume was the cutest one I saw!


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