a MUST see

Last weekend Ammon and I went and saw the movie Pitch Perfect. I have to admit that from the second i saw the trailer i was reallyyyy excited to see the show. I somehow talked Ammon to taking me and it was great because his sister Andrea, and brother in law Nic, came with us!

Alright.. all you people out there. I know this movie might look slightly stupid. Glee in movie form? No THANK YOU. But ok.. i have to tell you honestly... I LOVED it. It might be the newest addition to my list of favorites. And Ammon?.... well lets just see he felt the same way. It not only has amazing music.. but is also HILARIOUS. Fat Amy? who even comes up with that. She kept me laughing the whole movie.

Check this scene out... But let me give you background first so you don't think it is perverted. Basically all these groups are having a "sing off".. they are given a theme and this theme happened to be "sex".

Enjoy!.. And go see it this weekend!


  1. oh my. i need to see this movie. now. thing is, when i saw the trailer i knew i would love it (i'm that weird girl who still watches glee).

  2. I completely agree with you Haley this movie is one of the greatest movies. It's so funny!! So glad I found your blog very cute!! I know you guys have been married for awhile now but Congratulations!! You two are very cute!!


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