Married Crazies

Since being married, Ammon and I have had some FUNNY experiences with each other. Adjusting to living together hasn't been too weird, but it has provided us with some pretty dang funny stories.

Like the morning i was home alone, brushing my teeth and realized mid-brush that I was using Ammon's toothbrush. I seriously could not stop laughing.. for some reason it was so funny to me! It took me all day to find the right words to say.."honey I accidentally used your tooth brush this morning." hahahah Ammon's face was so priceless and confused. I still laugh thinking about it.

Like the night I jolted up in my sleep and said "HONEY!! Did you hear that?!!" To which apparently Ammon worriedly replied  "What? Babe are you ok?!" I replied with a "oh never mind" and fell back  SOUND asleep. It freaked Am out so bad that he searched the whole apartment and didn't sleep well for the rest of the night. I, however have absolutely NO recollection of this even happening! No idea where that came from.

Or the night I was saying the prayer and for some reason I couldn't put a sentence together. I think i literally said "Please bless this food that it will nuraidlfnadjnafdiuandd aadfuhisfhadunfjnvlai. Amen." Times that by a 2 minute prayer.. and that's how bad it was. We both opened our eyes only to BURST out laughing. I am so weird.

Like the day i gently tried to wake up Ammon from his nap.. and he literally looked SO PISSED that i had woken him up. He grunted, rolled over and 'ignored' me. When he FINALLY woke up, he had NO recollection that I had ever tried waking him! Meanwhile I was mad because he was so mean to me! hahah it was hilarious. We are the weirdest sleepers.

Or the night i decided to dye my hair in our bathroom. While the dye processed, I came out to the family room where Am was tutoring. (I'll admit my hair was literally slicked back and in a nasty bun thing on my head) And the first words out of his mouth were... "Babe you look like a boy".

Marriage is just so funny. And living with a boy is even funnier.. yet oh so great at the same time. Love my sweet Am.


  1. Ahhaha I love this Haley! Isn't being married just the best? You guys are adorable :)

  2. laughing during prayers is sometimes the best. i know it's irreverent, but i always feel so much love when my family and i cannot stop laughing. god has a sense of a humor, i'm sure of it. i think he laughs right along with us during those type of prayers. hahaha that nap story killed me.

  3. haha this is the best! Sounds like us. We get laughing til our stomach hurts during prayers! i love love this and miss you!!


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