Jamaica.. We have a bobsled team!

Ok.. so maybe i didn't see any bobsledders while i was in Jamaica.. but I will tell you this: the people there legitimately talk the same way as they do in the movie Cool Runnings. Jamaica was incredible.
When Ammon surprised me with our honeymoon location I could not have been more excited! It was a dream honeymoon and the most perfect vacation ever.

*Ps I promise i didn't only wear one swimsuit.. It just so happened that the days we took pictures were the two days that i wore the same suit. Whoopsies!

The water was seriously UNREAL. and soo warm.

We ate at the most gorgeous restaurant.. Right on the beach.. at sunset.. overlooking an island :) 

so pretty!
The resort.
One day we decided to go on a hike up this big waterfall. It was so cool...way crowded, but sooo cool. It was fun to get out and explore!

Serious falls people.

waterproof cam. heck yeah.

salt water straight up the nose. we were laughing/crying so hard after this picture.
Just feedin som little birdies.
My favorite picture of the trip. 
We are seriously wishing we could go back right now! Unlimited food.. beaches.. and relaxing? Best thing ever. The whole time Ammon and I could not stop talking about how we can totally relate to why honeymoons were invented.. There is nothing better in the world than having a week or so to just relax after months of stressful wedding planning. Plus! Ammon did the best job planning such an awesome trip. All inclusive resorts are the way to go people. Andddd we would recommend Sandals resorts to anyone. :)


  1. looks like fun! aaaaand on a random note, you have the prettiest eyes.

  2. You guys are too cute together. I love everything about this! It looks like it was a blast! Don't you feel like we should be able to go on a honeymoon at least once a year? Ha. and p.s. you are BEAUTIFUL.


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