Coming Clean

Alrighty blogger friends. I [we] have a confession to make.

I look at my blog and see a "picture perfect" life. Not to sound too proud. hahah. I read a lot of married people blogs and I find the same thing. "picture perfect" little married lives. Now, I certainly don't want this to come off the wrong way.. but guess what people? Just because you get married doesn't mean your life all of a sudden becomes prefect! GASP right?! OMG. Now...don't get me wrong.. I LOVE being married... But let me finish making my point first before you start assuming things.

Am and I were talking the other day and somehow the blog came up. We talked about how I used to blog a lot more about my feelings. Obviously that was a good thing. It was a good place to talk through my problems and an easy way to see how dumb my stresses and worries were. It was plain to see the Lord's hand in my life, and a good reminder of my growth through hard times. We talked about how in 'cyber world' people try their absolute hardest to make their life seem perfect. How blogs usually represent our best selves, and we don't like to show vulnerability. That's fine cuz lets be honest we all do it. I think married people do it the most. That's fine too because a marriage is something sooo divine and spiritual, that sharing too much detail could cause problems. A blog post can quickly turn from a "here is the problem" to a ..."He's the problem" type post. Which we all know is sooo unhealthy. Right?

Well after much discussion.. I guess Ammon and I both feel like we don't want to be 'fakers?' anymore. We don't necessarily want to use this blog solely as a place to document the things we do. We want to write about our experiences as a couple. Our struggles, our stresses, our happy times, and our accomplishments. We want people to know that married life.. is still life. We are still normal people.. we get in senseless fights, we laugh til we cry, we get ornery, we say things we don't mean, and we love poking each other's bums {too far?...maybe.). And even though sometimes we are not our best selves, we are constantly working to improve our relationship and love for each other.

The upcoming posts might seem a little personal for some readers. I can assure you of two things. This blog will NOT be a place where Ammon or myself come to 'bash' one another. It will not be a place of 'venting' marriage stresses. Duh we are not stupid and we are not dumb. BUT I can assure you it will be place of realness. We will always approve what one another writes before it is posted, and we will ALWAYS be sure to tell you what we are learning along this journey of life together. There will be funny posts, posts about our ridiculous past, and posts that [i believe] many of you can relate to. If you are ready for the change of pace.. then join in. Leave comments and suggestions. Laugh and cry with us. Tell us your stories and we will tell you ours. Just remember.. I have the best husband ever! .. And he even promised to grace you with his presence more often! Hooray!!


  1. love this. I definitely try to keep it "real" on my blog too just because I don't want people to think my life/marriage is perfect. Obviously when two imperfect people get married, it's just not going to be all bliss. But, it's really easy to focus on all the good parts when I blog because talking about the not so good things makes you more vulnerable (like you said). I have noticed that people respond A LOT better when I am posting about "real" stuff though. This is a good reminder to me too :)

  2. i love this! i try to not be fake on my blog as well. i think people can learn from our hardships. and its nice for people to see that im human. i just cant see taking all the hard or heavy stuff out of my blog. i never want that to become an issue for me. im excited to keep reading :)

  3. haley you worded it perfectly. i have wanted to write about this too but it has been one of those "in the draft box until i find the right words" things. people need to know that marriage has good times and hard times. of course it is so so great but no matter what, there are hard times. if you don't mind, this is motivation for me to write about that too. i think it is a huge problem if people think that marriage is all bliss. because then when they get married and find out it isn't perfect, they think their relationship must be flawed for some reason and look elsewhere. all because they didn't know it was ok to have disagreements. thanks for the reminder that i need to get on that. end of novel.

  4. Love this! It couldn't be more true!

  5. thus, I write about Gomer and I... totally not fakers. xoxo we are as bad as we write about. (:


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