soooo we are alive...

life has been hectic. We are busy.. and yet.. not SO busy that i dont have time to update my blog. Honestly, i feel like i stare at a computer all day..and the last thing i want to do when i get home is get back on one to blog. BLAH!! But! i have officially decided to take a break from my blogging hiatus..

With that, you get an update via iphone pics.. Just what you wanted i know.

The house.. is finally coming together. We still have plenty of decorations to hang, but no wall space to hang them. So, for now we just call it good. PLUS, our lease is up in November, and we are reallyyyy hoping to buy a house! cross your fingers :)

Probably one of our favorite wedding gifts (is that bad to say? voting was purely based off of number of times used ahahah!) is our popcorn maker! OH MY. Now that is just heaven in a bowl. My favorite pre bedtime snack ever.
promise we dont put thattttt much butter on our popcorn. haha! that looks so disgusting!

Ammon's favorite gift "was" the donut maker. Hahahaha! He was sooo excited to bust it open and give it a try. I couldnt help but laugh as i watched him giddily march around the kitchen making homemade donuts! ...sadly he deciced the ones in the stores are WAY better.

Last week i signed up for Tuacahn texting deals. Random..SMARTEST THING EVER. i got a text on Monday saying we could get any tickets for $15! We ended up sitting 4th row right in the center!!! it was awesome. Aladdin was amazing and we felt like royalty sitting that close.

Last weekend we decided we wanted to head home. We hadnt been home since the wedding, and we missed our families! We landed tickets to the BYU v Utah game through my family's Ute season tickets. Let's just say the game is a sensitive subject around here... on both ends. hahaha! But we both had fun and were so grateful we were able to go. It was such a good weekend home with our families!
one day i will learn to keep my eyes open


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