babes all aroundddd

I cannot help but notice that all around me lately are the cutest little children. I'm not even joking.. they are everywhere! I'm at work and there are little girls practicing their lipstick application. I'm at Am's baseball games and there are little boys imitating the 'big' boy's swing as they warm up. I'm at the grocery store and the mom in front of me in line has the most adorable baby girl. I'm in my car and make eye contact with a toddler in the car next to me.

SERIOUSLY! what is the deal??! and....everyyyy single time i look at them, i cannot help but smile and want to interact or play with them. Little kids and i get along well. I have always loved kids. Maybe it started when i was 12, and Lexi and I put on a summer kids camp for all the kids in the neighborhood. Maybe it started at my LC job doing sports camps for the gym kids. Or maybe i was just born with a natural love for little ones. Either way, i have come to a major conclusion in the past few weeks.

Today my best friend Jess gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. This morning I got a text saying she was going in to be induced. All day at work i was thinking about how miraculous it is that she is going to be a mommy! One of my best friends. is a mom. Then, i was thinking about how amazing the experience of giving birth must be. It is quite crazy if you think about it. And every time i had these thoughts, i could not help but hold back the tears! I can hardly imagine how much love she feels for her little Emmitt! What an incredible experience she had today. Honestly, i can hardly wait to experience that someday.

Hold up. I know what you are thinking. And, NO, i did not literally mean that 'i can hardly wait'. Trust me people. I can wait. I can wait a good 2, 3, 4, years for that to happen. But, what i AM saying is that the process of life is pretty incredible. Growing up, maturing, learning, going to school, getting married, and starting that whole process with your own little family? think about it. It is pretttyyyyy amazing. And i am soooo excited to do that one day for myself. I am excited to have my own family. Maybe if Am and I are lucky we'll get baseball playing sons, and soccer players for daughters? I guess i wouldn't even mind if one of my girls wanted to be dancer. .....i hear dance mom's are really cool? i think i could pull off that role quite nicely. And, let's not forget about my babe's that are waiting for me in Africa.

ps i am going to see the new Mom, dad, and Little E on thursday. You bet i'll be posting pictures. Even though i have some pics of the sweet babe right now, i'll wait for mommy and daddy to give his first debut. :) until them... swoon over these...
adorable kids fashion by Zara

I Love this... but with the Braves DEF NOT THE PHILLIES.


  1. wedding season is over. we've moved onto baby season. serrrriously though. i swear every blogger, high school classmate, and basically every girl on earth is pregnant right now.

  2. I just read this post while listening to the Carrie Underwood song you posted and I began to cry. I love reading everything you write. It's like I'm talking to you at that very moment. I'm so happy for you Haley. Life is beautiful and I love hearing about yours!!


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